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Tips And Tricks

Subscription vs Credits

1. Subscription allows you to:
- download up to 15 images per day
- choose from Free, Standard and Pro accounts
- still make single purchases of higher resolution images (for credits)
- make unique purchases of selected photos (for credits)
- create lightboxes and share them

2. Credit allows you to:
- make a free account and download all textures for free in 1024x768px
- spend credits for images any time for up to one year
- create lightboxes and share them

Once you choose what is the best for you, fill in the registration form for free and go to the next page.

Credit & Subscription purchase

1. Subscription purchase:
- go to Registration and fill up registration form - after first login, click on Choose subscription button or go to Subscription settings - choose which Subscription program is the best for you and click on Pay now - see Payment

2. Credit purchase:
- go to Registration and fill up registration form
- after first login, click on Buy credit button or go to Credit settings
- choose how much money you want to purchase and fill it in Credit input box
- click on Pay now (see Payment)

Credit & Subscription purchase


Once you get to this page, you have two options

1. Pay by credit card
- click to continue on the left

2. Pay via your PayPal account
- use login form on the right

You can manage your orders in Account History


Searching & using lightboxes

1. Searching & using filter
- modify your search criteria by checking specific checkboxes
- alternatively you can search image by its unique id

Searching & using lightboxes

2. Working with lightbox
- you can create lightboxes for up to for 3 different projects, make your pre-selection, send it to the client or colleague and download it.
- adding images to lightbox:

Creating lightboxes Adding images to lightbox

Downloading images

- you can download images simply by clicking on the Download button
- if you want to have higher resolution, you can click on Buy $ and pay a different from your credit balance

Downloading images #1 Downloading images #2

DNG Format - Digital negative

Digital Negative (DNG) is an open raw image format used for digital photography.

DNG Format


All settings can be found in the Settings section and include:

1. User settings
- these allow you to change your profile information or billing address, change your password etc.

2. Subscription settings
- these allow you to extend or buy a new subscription

3. Credit settings
- these allow you to buy new credit

4. Account history
- a complete history of subscriptions, credit purchases, image downloads etc.
- this allows you to re-download already purchased images
- print invoices for all past purchases